Friday, August 17, 2012

Pokeball Cake

My son wanted a pokeball cake for his 8th birthday. So, like many other moms, I went online and got some ideas on how to do that. Here's what I came up with:

I started with 3 cake mixes and a glass bowl. After making one box of cake mix, I poured half of it into the glass bowl and baked it until it was done. It took about 45 minutes.

Next, as the first cake cooled, I poured the other half of the batter into the bowl and baked it until it was done. I allowed plenty of time for the halves to cool and then wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer.

Now, my son does not like chocolate very much so, we got creative with the filling. I got some fresh strawberries and cut them up into small pieces until I had about a cup full. Next, I mixed them up with about a cup of cool whip. And there was my filling.

I cut out some of the inside of the bottom layer of the cake, because the cakes didn't quite sit together as nicely as I wanted them to. I would suggest doing this before freezing, since it was a bit difficult to cut through the frozen cake. But, I will do that next time, since this is the first time I've attempted to make a ball shaped cake.

After placing the filling inside the cake, I found I also needed to cut off part of the top of the other cake. So, I did.

As you can see, I had already started to decorate the bottom of the cake. I thought it might be best to start frosting the bottom layer before putting on the top layer. But, I'm sure it didn't really make a difference either way. I have found that microwaving the frosting for about 15 seconds before I put it in the decorating bags helps make it a whole lot easier to squeeze it out of the decorating bags.

The nice thing about making a pokeball, is that you only need 3 colors. So, after mixing the red and black, here is how I continued on with the cake.

I think I've said this before...but frosting is a wonderful thing. You can cover up so many mistakes with it, it's amazing! So, after I added the red, I still had a gap between the white and red. I filled it in with more white, and it helped it look much better. Here is how I finished off the top:

After it was done, I still thought it need something else, so I finished off the cake with adding a black ring of frosting around the middle of the cake.

As for the other 2 cake mixes, I made little pokeball cupcakes. 30 went to my son's class, the rest were for the party. Now, I don't have a special cake plate, so what I've been doing is taking a cookie sheet, flipping it over and covering it in tin foil. It makes for a workable "cake plate". Here is the finishing look:

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